Cookie Policy

1.  A cookie is a small electronic file that collects information when someone visits a website (the “Website”).
2.  A cookie can recognize the pages you are viewing, which helps you choose which pages are visible to the user. Some cookies work only when users are members of the site (session cookies), but persistent cookies remain in the user's computer and then, in order that a user would be identified as the previous site visitor, whenever he/she repeatedly visits our Website. Cookies allow us to collect information about the user's browsing habits on the Website, which is very important for us to improve our services.
3.  We collect information about the user's computer or other devices, including, but not limited to, the IP address used by the operating system and browser type in order for us to properly administer the site and analyze its emerging use of problems and prompt them to deal with. This collected information is only statistics about the user's browsing activities and does not identify the user's identity.
4.  Cookies do not store sensitive information such as a user's bank account number or login password. A cookie does not hold enough information to identify a person's identity. The user's habits will be attributed to a specific person only after the consumer himself provides us with his personal data to conclude a contract or receive other services.
5.  In most cases, we will need the user's consent to the use of cookies, unless the cookie is necessary to provide the required service (e.g. to log in to a personal account on the Website).
6.  Cookies used by the Website:​

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7.   If the user’s browser is set to accept cookies when visiting the Website, it means that the user agrees to accept all our cookies. The user can modify the browser settings and disable all cookies, but some of the Website features may no longer work as a result.
8.   When a user visits our website, they receive a notification about the cookies we use and a link to the Cookie Policy on the screen of the device they are using.
9.   The user can use their browser settings to accept, reject, or optionally block or delete cookies. You can find more information about the possibilities and ways of using cookies in the software browser settings. Here are links on how to manage cookies in the most popular browsers:
•  Firefox:
•  Internet Explorer:
•  Chrome:

•  Opera:
•  Edge:
10.   The website may also set cookies by third parties with whom we work, such as Google Analytics. The third parties are responsible for the cookies they set. If the user wishes to receive additional information, it can be found on the website of the relevant third party.
11.   Additional information about cookies and how to disable them can be found at
12.   We may change our Cookie Policy on our website by submitting a new version of this policy and/or notifying you by email.

Published 2-8-2021