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Beetroot Treats Baking Powder Petcooking | 200 g

Beetroot Treats Baking Powder Petcooking | 200 g

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Made in France, PETCOOKING powder for baking Beetroop cookie dog treats!

An organic preparation for delicious beetroop cookies as treats for your dog. Convenient and quick for homemade cookies made in the blink of an eye! Your dog will definitely love these tasty snacks, which you can easily make for him!

SpecificationsWhole wheat flour, rice flour, beet powder. 100% of raw materials of agricultural origin come from organic farming. Certified organic agriculture. Protein: 10.6% / fat: 3.5% / crude fiber: 1.6% / crude ash: 1.3%, moisture: 6.8%. Treats should not be used as a substitute for food. Adjust the amount per day according to the weight of your dog. Store away from light in a cool, dry place after opening. Package dimensions: 11*4*23 cm. Net weight: 200 g

The bone cutter isn't included!

To make approximately 20 cookies you will need:

1 egg

200 g of this product

50 g of water

45 g of oil

Take a bowl, crack the egg in it, pour the Vanilla Cookie mix, pour water, oil and mix everything together. Then let it rest for a while in a fridge. Later, roll out the dough, form cookies using the bone cutter, preheat your oven to 180°C, cook for about 10 minutes.


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