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Biscuit Smile Dog Treats Petcooking | 85 g

Biscuit Smile Dog Treats Petcooking | 85 g

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Decorate your food creations with these decorative treats or simply give them as a reward to your dog - he will definitely love these biscuits for snack time!

Additional PETCOOKING snack, made in France, for your dog or decoration for the food.

Specifications: Cereals, sugar, vegetable oil and fats, minerals, additives: antioxidants, dyes, nutritional additives: vitamin A, vitamin D3, sensory additive; vanilla flavor. (Crude protein: 9% / crude fat: 3.5% / crude fiber: 2.5% / crude ash: 2%.) 

Treats should not be used as a substitute for food. Adjust the amount per day according to the weight of your animal. Store away from light in a cool, dry place after opening. Recommended amounts of biscuits per day depending on the size of the dog: Dog's weight: 5-10kg -> 3 biscuits per day. Dog's weight: 10-20kg -> 6 biscuits per day. Dog's weight: 20-40kg -> 10 biscuits per day. 

Package dimensions: 9,5*6,5*15,5 cm. Net weight: 60 g.

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