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Clear Small Dog Raincoat | White

Clear Small Dog Raincoat | White

Reguliari kaina €12,90 EUR
Reguliari kaina €12,90 EUR Pardavimo kaina €12,90 EUR
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It is very important, that your dog would always feel nice and cosy. Your dog can easily catch the flu, or other diseases if he gets wet and cold. To prevent that, we introduce you to a water-resistant, super breathable and high-quality polyester made waterproof dog raincoat, which will keep your dog dry on a rainy day!

Stretchy material around the armband and snap closure is very helpful to quick and easy dress up your buddy, and clear lining on the front of the hood allows your dog to see while not getting his head wet. It also features a small hole that makes attaching a leash easier. With this raincoat, your dog will feel warm and cosy while walking on a rainy day!

⭐️ High-quality

⭐️ Snap closure

⭐️ Easy to use

⭐️ Water-resistant

⭐️ Clear front hood

⭐️ Lightweight

⭐️ Durable

⭐️ Attaching hole

Specifications: This water-resistant, lightweight dog raincoat is made of high-quality polyester and a clear lining front hood. 

Small: Back length: 25 cm. Chest girth: from 35 to 39 cm. Neck girth: 26 cm. 

Medium: Back length: 33 cm. Chest girth: from 41 to 47 cm. Neck girth: 30 cm.

Large: Back length: 36 cm. Chest girth: from 47 to 53 cm. Neck girth: 34 cm. 

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