Terms and Conditions

Pipiro projektai, UAB, with its registered address V. Putvinskio g. 50, LT-44211 Kaunas, company code 305056664, VAT no. LT100012274913, (hereinafter – The Seller), which owns this online shop on the website www.zoze.shop (hereinafter – the E-shop).
The Client is an adult natural person, having legal capacity, or a representative of a legal entity, which purchasing from the E-shop or getting other services provided by the E-Shop.

General terms and conditions

1.    The Seller undertakes to sell the goods to the Client and the Client undertakes to pay the price indicated.
2.    The purchase agreement between the Client and the Seller is considered concluded from the moment when the Client gets acquainted with the information provided by the Seller about the product, price, delivery terms, product warranties, goods return policy, submits the e-order form to the Seller, who confirms the e-order has been received.
3.    The Seller is entitled to change any of the information provided in the E-shop and The Client must get acquainted with it each time when entering it.
4.    The Seller provides all the relative information about the products and the offers in the E-shop for The Client to evaluate and make a proper decision to purchase the product.
5.    The options of payment for goods are provided on the E-Shop.
6.    The options of goods delivery are provided on the E-Shop.

The warranties

1.    The warranty of the quality of the goods meeting the requirements established by legal acts shall be established by the Seller of the goods and/or the producer of the goods, distributor, supplier, importer or any other person who distributes the goods in his own name. If this type of warranty is established, this is indicated in the description provided with the product.
2.    In the case of a fixed warranty period, claims for defects may be made if the defects are identified during the warranty period. If a component is subject to a shorter warranty period than the main product, a claim for defects in the component can be made during the main product quality warranty period. If a component is subject to a longer warranty period for the quality of the base product, a claim for defects in the component that have been observed during the warranty period may be made notwithstanding that the quality warranty period for the base product has expired.
3.    The Client may file claims for defects in the goods within the warranty term or the specified expiration date of the goods. If no such term is set, the Client may report the defects within a reasonable time, but not longer than two years from the receipt of the goods, unless the legal acts state different.
4.    No new warranty period is calculated for the replaced product or its part during the warranty period. The warranty period continues.

Goods return policy

1.    The Client is entitled with no reason to revoke the purchase and return the goods (non –food) to the Seller within 14 days from the date of receipt. Only goods that have not been used can be returned back to the Seller.

In order to exercise this right, The Client must fill out the Goods return form online and within 14 days from the submission of this form send or transfer the goods back to the Seller. The direct cost of returning the goods is borne by the Client.
2.    The Seller shall pay back the Client in the same way as it was received when purchasing after the goods are returned back within 14 days.
3.    If the Client does not like the shape, size, colour, model or completeness of the purchased product, he has the right to replace it with a similar product of different dimensions, shape, colour, model or completeness within 14 days from the date of receipt of non-food products. If there is a price difference when changing the product, the Buyer must pay the Seller according to the recalculated prices.
4.    The Client is not able to exercise the right to return the goods back to the Seller if they were individually manufactured for the Client or if the goods cannot be returned due to their commercial characteristics, they are perishable or expired, or if they have been used already.

Defective goods

1.    The Client has a right to replace or return a defective product received. In order to exercise this right, The Client needs to fill out a relative online application form and specify whether The Client wants to replace it, repair it, reduce accordingly the cost of it, compensate the cost for its repair. A proof of payment made for this purchase must be attached to the application form. Otherwise, the application shall not be processed. The Seller must reply to the Client within 10 days after the application form is received.
2.    Goods defective due to improper use are non-returnable, non-replaceable, non-repairable and non-refundable.

Clients personal data

1.    The data provided by the Client to the Seller at the time of placing the order is used to fulfil the order and identify the customer. All data is used in electronic form only.
2.    The Seller, as the data controller and processor, shall comply with the applicable legislation governing the processing and protection of personal data.
3.    To use the personal data for direct marketing purposes the Seller shall retrieve the consent from the Client. More information about personal data is provided in the Seller's privacy policy.

Final provisions

1.    The Seller and the Client agree to cooperate in carrying out their obligations under these Terms and Conditions.
2.    All the disputes shall be settled amicably and if not then in front of the court of the Republic of Lithuania.
3.    The Seller is entitled to change any of the information provided in the E-shop and The Client must get acquainted with it each time when entering it.