How to measure your dog?

How to measure your dog?

Have you ever had difficulties getting the proper size of clothing for your dog? 🐶

We're here to assist you with accurately measuring your dog's dimensions and selecting the appropriate size! Keep in mind that you should not choose standard sizes; instead, you should first measure your dog and then choose the appropriate size, since each dog is unique and deserves clothing that fits like a glove and provides the best experience! 🐾

In our store, you can find measurements like back length, chest, neck, and leg girths.

Here’s how you should properly measure your dog:

Upper Neck girth (for collars and clothes):

Measure your dog’s neck like in picture A

Lower girth (mostly for harnesses):

Measure your dog’s neck like in picture B

Chest girth (for harnesses and clothes):

Measure the deepest point of their chest girth C

Back length (mostly for clothes):

Start measure at the base of the neck till the back to the top of the tail D

Leg girth (mostly for clothes):

Measure around the thickest part of your dog’s leg E

If you have any inquiries about measuring your dog, contact us we’ll be happy to help you! 🐾

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