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BUNKOMA Compostable Poop Bags | Green

BUNKOMA Compostable Poop Bags | Green

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The BUNKOMA dog poop bags are 100% compostable and extra-thick so your hands will stay protected. These high-quality bags are 30% thicker and made of recyclable materials. These bags are easy to use even with gloves. Because of the soft material, you can open them in no time and clean nature. 

The poop bags come in a box of 8 rolls / 15 bags per roll. Depending on your dog business, this would be enough approximately for one month.

⭐️ 100% compostable 

⭐️ High Quality

Specifications: Bag dimensions: 23*34 cm. Box dimensions: 6,5*6*14 cm. These unscented dog poops bags are 100% compostable, leak-proof and made of corn starch. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN & ANIMALS. 

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