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Puffer Dog Vest | Neon Green & Blue

Puffer Dog Vest | Neon Green & Blue

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Lightweight with button closure fluffy puffer will perfectly fit for every season because of its reversible colours. A breathable inside filling will keep your dog warm and won't let overheat. 

You can choose between blue and neon green. It also features a small hole that makes attaching a leash easier. Your dog will look stunning, and always in fashion with these puffer's bright colours.

🔘 Warm and fluffy

🔘 Two-sided

🔘 High-quality

🔘 Wind-breaking

🔘 Warm and cosy

🔘 Head hood


Specifications: This puffer dog vest is made from fluff and nylonHand wash only in cold water. Do not bleach.

Small: Back length: 24 cm. Back length with neck: 30 cm. Chest girth: 28 cm. Neck girth: 36 cm.

Large: Back length: 31 cm. Back length with neck: 38 cm. Chest girth: 33 cm. Neck girth: 47 cm.

Extra Large: Back length: 40 cm. Back length with neck: 49 cm. Chest girth: 50 cm. Neck girth: 40 cm.

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